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Welcome to EN.GR Law, a Law & Strategy services agency dedicated to providing strategic advice & legal counsel to start-ups & founders, investors, and boutique businesses on their way to explosive growth. Our team, led by experienced attorney Phil Omorogbe,* offers a wide range of legal, business planning & management services to engineer your growth.

Why me?

Complex business problems excite me—and where there’s business, there’s always law. I got my law degree & MBA from Canada’s top school, University of Toronto, and have spent years advising top government officials, investors, billion-dollar funds, innovative start-ups & high-net worth individuals in New York, San Francisco & Silicon Valley.

I’m pretty sure together, we can solve your problem – so call me. And if not, I’ll find you the right person.
I’m licensed to advise you on the Laws of New York and California. I’m not licensed to practice law in Ontario.



At EN.GR Law, we offer a wide range of business services to help our clients succeed


Strategy Planning

Formulating strategies, maps, flight paths and war plans to achieve formerly un-achievable goals including fundraising, revenue generation, navigating explosive growth and dealing with difficult blockers


Agreements, Partnerships & Key Revenue Opportunities

Advising clients

through business and legal issues including fund raising & financing rounds, key individual & stakeholder communications, sticky situations with employee, government, partners & key stakeholders and general business and regulatory strategy

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